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New Bathroom Ideas to Enhance Your Bathroom Remodeling Project


Bathroom ideas for new remodeling projects.

Coming up with bathroom ideas can be some of the most fun you’ll have with home remodeling in Tampa. That said, you might quickly come to realize that the sky really is the limit—especially if you’ve connected with skilled and experienced contractors and bathroom designers.

Looking for some fresh bathroom ideas to help you take your upcoming bathroom remodeling in Tampa to the next level? You need to work with a professional bathroom remodeling company. Professionals can help with aspects of bathroom remodeling such as bathroom cabinet installation and flooring installation. Here are some of the most creative and practical bathroom ideas that homeowners are loving for bathroom remodels in 2019.

Optimize Your Storage for a Stunning Bathroom Remodel

While having a gorgeous, luxurious bathroom is something we all want, too many bathroom ideas focus on appearances without at all addressing functionality. Everything needs to have a place, or else your bathroom remodels euphoria will only last as long as it takes for your toiletries to pile up. For bathroom storage, we like these:

  • Vertical storage. Not everything needs to be cramped and stuffed into a drawer. Using smart shelving and carefully-placed wall storage can optimize your usable space while giving your most-used items somewhere to hang out.
  • Recessed storage. Ideal for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms that are oft used, storage built into walls or cabinets can provide a lot more room.
  • Floating shelving. Shelving placed strategically underneath a vanity, hanging sink, or vessel sink can offer a good deal more storage for meeting your needs.

Consider Your Options for Flooring Installation

Bathroom flooring is one of those bathroom ideas that get too little limelight. Your flooring needs to be attractive, but it also needs to be durable and easy to maintain. You can have all of the above, but knowing your options beforehand can be a massive boon and can help to focus your bathroom ideas more constructively.
For bathroom flooring installation your best options include:

  • Laminate. High-quality laminate flooring is an excellent choice for bathrooms. Not only is it capable of looking like anything you want it to, but the material naturally resists moisture and staining—a must for bathroom areas.
  • Tile. Particularly ceramic tile, since it is both attractive and bathroom-friendly. Tile can be stunning, lustrous, and comes in a wide range of looks, feel, sizes, and styles.
  • Vinyl flooring. Vinyl and plank vinyl is the best of all worlds, as they are an attractive and durable option, as well as quite cost-efficient.

Don’t Neglect Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Even the most effectively designed bathroom spaces can be rendered dingy and less functional if the lighting in your space is sub-par or absent. When mulling over bathroom ideas, take care to note the areas of your bathroom where the most will be going on—the sink, the shower/bath, and so on. These areas need task lighting in addition to decor or aesthetic lighting in order to flow and operate well!

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Looking for a skilled, experienced bathroom remodel and flooring contractor that is capable of taking your bathroom ideas and making them into bathroom realities? With years of experience, a network of top-class vendors, and knowledgeable contractors, Way Floors is the local remodeling company you’re looking for.

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Why You Should Work With a Flooring Contractor in Tampa


A professional flooring contractor can enhance your flooring and home remodeling projects.

Installing a new floor on your property can be a complicated job. Not only is it difficult to install proper flooring, but the initial planning of the project can be daunting as well. The best way to complete a flooring project is to work with a professional flooring contractor. There are several reasons to work with a flooring contractor. Most importantly, an experienced flooring contractor in Tampa will have the proper knowledge required to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. They can give you advice based on informed decisions and years of experience.

Specialized Flooring Installation Equipment

A flooring contractor will have all the equipment needed to complete the job. Most people who decide to do the job themselves will quickly realize that they just don’t have the right tools or necessary equipment. It is better to work with a flooring contractor before you attempt to work on this flooring project yourself.

Industry Knowledge

A professional flooring contractor will have years of professional experience. They know which type of floor is visually appealing and the best manner for installation. In high traffic areas such as the living room and kitchen, this can mean making the right decision for your budget. A flooring contractor will know what type of material is best for each part of the house. For example, if you would like hardwood floors in a specific area, but are on a strict budget, they can suggest something else that will still look nice and get the job done at a lower cost.

Installation Planning and Strategy

When the project begins, you will greatly appreciate the services of a flooring contractor in Tampa. Flooring contractors are licensed, qualified, and experienced professionals. Nowadays, floors can be “installed” even before the work starts. This is achieved by using 3D graphics and viewing it on a computer. This is perhaps the best way to see what the final product will look like even before the project has started. After this is done, your flooring contractor will help you decide which type of floor would work best for you and your property.

Contact Way Floors to Work With a Flooring Contractor in Tampa

Like many home improvement projects, flooring installation may appear easier than it is. Installing floors usually winds up being more complicated once the work starts. For example, when the old floor is taken out, there could a lot of other issues beneath it that may take more experienced people to handle. This is when having a company like Way Floors in your corner can be of great help.

Contact Way Floors at (813) 381-4832. You can set up an appointment and learn more about our flooring installation services and flooring materials. We can also help with bathroom remodeling, home remodeling, and kitchen remodeling projects in Tampa.

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